We are an association, which aims to shape changes in legislation concerning energy efficiency and environmental protection along with supporting enterprises in compliance to ever more restrictive EU requirements. Our organization promotes best practices and patronizes innovative research. The association is also an executive power oriented at rising awareness in the field of energy efficiency improvement of industrial installations and decision making process behind it in Poland, which yields long-term measurable benefits.

Members of our association are start-ups aspiring to conquer markets with innovative solutions as well as mature companies striving to improve energy efficiency in our country. Our membership is a guarantee of the outstanding quality standards of services provided by our members.


Main goals of our association

  • Technological progress initiatives in the field of energy efficiency and environmental protection in industry
  • Organizing cooperation between industrial companies in stimulating technological progress
  • Conducting organizational and economic analysis of Polish industry
  • Cooperation in creating and assessment of legal acts concerning energy efficiency and environmental protection
  • Cooperation in the area of setting norms and rules regarding energy efficiency in industrial companies
  • Initiating cooperation with industrial companies for the purpose of evaluation of new products, services and their quality along with sharing experience in the area
  • Supporting of our Members in communication with government representatives and other entities
  • Protecting the natural environment by means of promotion of sustainable technological solutions
  • Cooperation with commercial organizations and central institutions in the field of energy efficiency and environmental protection
  • Training of engineers and technicians
  • National promotion of energy efficiency
  • Stimulating of the economic growth, entrepreneurship development
  • Stimulating of technical development, innovativeness and inventiveness, spreading and implementing best practices into the industry

Association Board


  • Zbigniew Plutecki - President


  • Paweł Mrówczyński - Vice President


  • Paweł Gajewski - Vice President



  • Ewelina Boronowska - Secretary


  • Elżbieta Nowakowska - Spokesperson


The cheapest source of energy efficiency improvement comes from learning from others.
James Harrington
James Harrington